Christmas gifts for those who love making noise 

Christmas gifts for those who love making noise 

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We all have someone in our lives who is always working on a new project in the garden shed, practising a new beat on the drums or driving loud vehicles. While making so much noise can be super fun, it’s important that our loved ones look after their ears.

We all know we should be doing more to protect our hearing, but we never really get round to it. That’s why we created Earjobs- to give you the chance to quickly browse and purchase high-quality ear protection that will work in a whole range of loud situations. Give the gift of Earjobs this Christmas to make sure the hearing of your friends and family is always protected, no matter what they get up to.

For those who shoot

Shooters should never, ever be seen without ear protection as just one gunshot can cause hearing problems for life. It’s no secret that firearms are very loud, with a small rifle reaching 140 decibels pretty quickly - enough to cause permanent damage. Larger rifles can create up to 25% more sound. The clever Earjobs™ Wingmate® ear muffs work to protect the ears from one-off, loud noises like gunshots while amplifying safe sounds like voices and range commands to keep the user as safe as possible.

These earmuffs automatically block out all sounds over 82db to keep the ears protected. Plus, if your loved one enjoys shooting to music, these earmuffs also have a 3.5mm input jack which can be connected to a mobile or radio. The Wingmate ear muffs are very comfy, compact, and lightweight. Buy the Earjobs™ Wingmate® ear muffs here.

Earjobs™ WINGMATE® Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs (NRR 22)

An ear plug alternative:

Try our very own DIY custom moulded earplugs. This ingenious kit allows the wearer to produce their own perfectly fitting earplugs for shooting in just ten minutes that are super comfy and won’t fall out. Made from hypoallergenic, non-toxic silicone, these earplugs are safe to use again and again. Check out the Earplugs DIY Earplugs here.

For those in loud workplaces

Whatever loud workplace noise your loved one deals with, it’s likely that it causes them more hearing damage than they think. The Peltor Worktunes ear muffs add a little entertainment to the working day by providing the option to listen to the radio through a built-in antenna, fast digital tuning and the ability to store up to five stations.

These earmuffs can be used in both noisy industrial sites as well as during farming or landscaping activities, working to protect the wearer from hazardous or nuisance sounds. Peltor also offers a hard hat version of these earmuffs, making them super convenient and impossible to forget ahead of a long shift. Buy the Peltor Worktunes ear muffs here.

The advanced alternative:

Peltor also offers a Plus version of these muffs, with a noise reduction level of 24dB and a cable to sync with a smartphone, iPod, or MP3 device. This headset comes in a stylish red matte finish and can be purchased through our Afterpay service, allowing you to pay in four interest-free instalments. Take a look at the plus version here.

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For the music lover

While listening to or playing music at full volume can be super fun, extended exposure to music over 85dB can cause hearing damage. For those who play in a band or go to concerts regularly, the risk is even greater. Luckily, earplugs that protect the ears while maintaining music quality do exist! The Flare Isolate Pro Titanium earplugs isolate the ears from unwelcome noise like never before, while still allowing wearers to enjoy every note. That’s because they have an additional 8-9dB attenuation with the lowest frequencies, enabling you to hear the most details in the music.

These earplugs are also a great all-rounder- suitable for sleeping, travelling, motorsports and working with machinery, too. They don’t require batteries or recharging so they’re super convenient, come with three different sizes of Earfoams and have a handy carry case so they’ll never get lost. Buy the Pro Titanium earplugs here.

A budget alternative:

For a more affordable set of effective music earplugs, take a look at the Earjobs Musicmate high fidelity music earplugs. After years of researching the best earplugs for music, we finally developed our own which are second to none for comfort and value. These earplugs use specially developed membrane filters which allow the user to listen to music at a reduced volume without sacrificing sound quality or depth.

One reviewer wrote on our site: “I go to concerts at least twice a month, so I've been on the hunt for a good pair of earplugs for ages! My friend recommended these to me and he was super right. They're great! They're comfortable, the sound is good and they're really light and easy to use. Love them!” Check the Earjobs Musicmate earplugs out here.

For those always on the go

We all know someone who never seems to stop rushing from place to place, whether they’re working, hitting up concerts, or taking calls. The problem is that while most earplugs are great at protecting the ears from one level of sound, some people need a little more. Introducing the dBud volume adjustable earplugs - this headset is connected by one simple wire and has a two-stage volume slider that enables the user to set the appropriate attenuation for their environment.

In the open position, these earphones provide a noise reduction of around 15 dB, and provide around 30 dB in the closed position. No matter where the wearer goes, they’ll be able to easily change the level of sound their ears are exposed to.

One Earjobs reviewer wrote: “I have tinnitus and primarily play the bagpipes. I've been using these for a year indoors and outdoors, whilst performing and competing at a very high level.

“The freedom to change the sound decibels entering my ears on the fly with the stroke of one finger is amazing. Sound quality is great, my ENT is now referring them to other musicians.” Click here to view the dBud Volume Adjustable Earplugs.

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A Bluetooth alternative:

If you’re looking for earplugs which also allow the user to listen to music, take a look at Plugfones’ Freereign set. These earplugs work with WorkSafe Volume Limiting Technology to keep speaker volume below 82 dB and are compliant with OSHA's max volume guidelines. This technology is available exclusively on Plugfones products.

One reviewer said: “I have so far used these earplugs for about 3 days in a high noise environment and they have performed excellently. I’ve only used the silicone tips as I find these the most comfortable, so I cannot comment on the foam tips. They fit well, they sit well and they are just as comfortable to wear than any other earplugs I have worn before.” Click here to take a look.

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