White Noise Machines For Babies

At Earjobs, we stock the best and most affordable white noise machines for babies and infants. You’ll be able to help your child sleep for longer (and anywhere) so you too can get more shut eye.

Benefits of using a white noise baby sound machine

The benefits of using a white sound machine for your baby extends well beyond their sleep. It will give parents and guardians of the baby some peace and quiet, and a much needed rest while bub sleeps soundly. Here’s a list of other fantastic benefits if using a white noise machine for your little one:

  • Creates a sense of calm
  • Helps them fall asleep easily
  • Gives them longer sleep
  • Drowns out background noise
  • Reduces their stress or anxiety
  • Makes soothing sounds
  • Recreates a womb-like feeling

What is a white noise machine for babies?

Essentially a white noise machine for a baby recreates a comforting womb-like environment that is very calming and soothing. This noise encourages your baby to fall asleep faster and stay sleeping for longer. A baby sound machine will help reduce their anxiety, and works to drown out any other starling noises like doorbells, dogs barking or people talking loudly.

The best white noise machine for your baby in Australia

White noise machines aren't the only way to help you sleep soundly, we have a fantastic selection of ear muffs, ear plugs for sleeping and ear plugs for swimming also. Explore our huge range of white noise machines for you and your baby online at Earjobs today. Alternatively, if you have any further questions, please contact our friendly team for more information.


What age can babies use white noise?

Your baby can be exposed to white noise from birth to any age. The only thing you will need to be careful about is the proximity of your white noise machine and how loud it is turned up. The best white noise machines will mimic the sounds the baby hears when it is in the womb.

What does white noise do to babies?

A white noise machine creates a womb-like feeling for a baby to ensure they get a good sleep. It soothes them and helps them to fall asleep and stay asleep. It drowns out other noises that may startle a baby or wake them up prematurely. The white noise is also known to reduce anxiety and stress to a baby that has been unwell or in a less than calm environment.

How loud should you have white noise for a baby?

It’s recommended that babies are only exposed to white noise from a machine that has different sound level adjustments. Your white noise machine should be set to no louder than 50 decibels in order to not damage the babies hearing. You will need to place the machine away from the baby’s crib, use a low volume setting, and stop playing the white noise once the child has fallen asleep.