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Flare ISOLATE® PRO Titanium Ear Plugs

Flare ISOLATE® PRO Titanium Ear Plugs


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TIP: Mix and match with the Flare Isolate PRO Mini for a bulk quantity discount. 

ISOLATE® - At last you can switch off your ears to noise!

Revolutionary solid titanium micro ear protectors that isolate you from noise like never before.

ISOLATE® Pro Titanium has an additional 8-9dB attenuation with the lowest frequencies, which is crucial for blocking out the deepest snoring, high impact sounds and enabling you to hear the most details in music.

Now you can have perfect sound isolation for...

  • Sleeping (Undisturbed nights with perfect isolation from snoring and other noises)
  • Travelling (On planes, trains and automobiles, enjoy silence when travelling)
  • Concerts and Clubs (Enjoy the most incredible sonic details at very safe levels)
  • Motorsports (Total protection from very loud and painful noises)
  • Motorbikes (Micro in size and hidden inside your ear, they won't interfere with your helmet)
  • Working (Protect your ears against permanent hearing damage)
  • High Impact Sounds

ISOLATE® is not like any other ear plug; it blocks all sound from entering your ears including bass frequencies for the first time ever without any batteries or annoying re-charging. ISOLATE® is micro in size and so can be used anywhere to isolate your ears from unwanted noise.

  • Protect your ears against permanent hearing damage - LONG LIVE EARS®.
  • ISOLATE® reduces noise levels but still allows you to hear details in sound through bone conduction.
  • Each ISOLATE® set includes a pair of replaceable small, medium and large EARFOAMS®.
  • Comes with handy carry pouch.

Grab ISOLATE® replacement tips here. Available in three sizes.

Isolate attenuation table

Top: Flare Isolate Aluminium
Bottom: Flare Isolate PRO Titanium

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