What Are Ear Grommets?

What Are Ear Grommets?

Those who are susceptible to middle ear infections or glue ear (a sticky liquid build up in the ear) deal with a lot of pain which could be treated through the insertion of grommets. Here’s everything you need to know about ear grommets before going ahead with the procedure.

What are they?

Ear grommets are very small tubes that sit comfortably inside the ear to allow air to pass through the eardrum. In turn, this keeps the air pressure in both ears even and prevents a build- up of fluids which can cause infection. Ear grommets are most commonly offered to children, however, adult procedures also take place regularly.

How are they inserted?

In most cases, a surgeon will make a tiny cut or hole in the eardrum which allows for any trapped fluid to be removed from the middle ear. Afterwards, the grommet is carefully inserted until it sits well. Grommet insertion operations are often quick and easy, taking no more than 45 minutes including the administration of an anesthetic and time spent in the recovery room. Anyone undergoing the operation, including children, should be fit and well enough to go home within two hours of the surgery.

Post-surgery care.

After the operation, the ear may be inflamed and bleed or discharge a small amount of fluid for a day or so. While this is completely normal, you can clean the outside of the ear to minimise the risk of infection. You may also notice that simple daily activities become a bit of a chore when you have to protect your ears constantly. While you may feel the need to jump in the shower post-op, you must keep your ears out of the water. There are a few ways you can do this:

Helpful Products:

Earjobs Silicone Putty Ear Plugs

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Putty Buddies Swimming Ear Plugs

If your child is the one having grommets inserted, then we highly recommend using Putty Buddies’ Swimming Earplugs for Kids to protect their ears in the very best way possible. Made from high quality, soft silicone, these earplugs fill the outer ear to create a watertight seal over the ear canal. Shop them here.

Swimming ear bands

We completely understand that some people feel they need a little extra protection post-op, so we’ve got you covered with our range of swimming bands. While they were originally designed for the pool, swimming ear bands are the perfect way to keep moldable earplugs in and keep water out of your ears. You can shop our range here.

Whichever form of protection you choose, it’s vital to keep your ears dry until at least your first follow-up appointment.

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