Children Ear Muffs

We recommend earmuffs for babies and young children because they are easy to keep track of and do not present a choking hazard. However ear muffs may also be appropriate for older children. Recently there has been an uptake in the use of ear muffs for children with noise sensitivity issues including children with autism spectrum disorders. Many parents have reported finding their child finds it easier to study and perform better on tests using ear muffs. All of our kids earmuffs are designed to be lightweight, comfortable and offer good Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR).

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As children grow, so do their ears, which is why Earjobs offers children’s ear muffs to protect them as they develop. When children are young, they have smaller ear canals than those of an average adult. Small ear canals allow for high sound pressure, so loud noises sound louder and can be more painful.
That's why Earjobs recommends you purchase kids earmuffs designed to fit small ears perfectly and ensure your little one retains the best quality hearing possible.
Earjobs sell various forms of ear protection for children and other protective products, which are sold via our online store Australia-wide.

When should children ear muffs be used?

Children have highly sensitive ears, so there are a variety of situations during which having suitable protection is beneficial.

Parties, festivals, concerts and fireworks displays are just some examples of noisy environments where ear muffs for kids may be required.

For children with noise sensitivity disorders, ear muffs for children can be beneficial during highly stimulating activities, such as shopping.

Why do I need hearing protection earmuffs for my kids?

As children have more sensitive hearing than adults, their ears are more easily damaged. Hearing damage can be significant and permanent, so it's important to consider children’s ear muffs before taking your child to noisy events.

Any sound that is over 80 decibels can permanently damage your child's hearing, and even quieter sounds can be detrimental if your child is exposed to the noise for a long period.

How do I protect my kids' ears at a concert?

The best way to protect your kids' ears at concerts is to purchase kids earmuffs from Earjobs today.

Our ear muffs are comfortable, lightweight and designed to fit children's ears perfectly. Our earmuffs offer excellent noise reduction ratings. With a quality set of ear muffs, your child can enjoy concerts and any loud event without risking any hearing damage.