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Flare ISOLATE® Ear Plugs

Flare ISOLATE® Ear Plugs


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TIP: Mix and match with the Flare Isolate Mini for a bulk quantity discount. 

ISOLATE® - At last you can switch off your ears to noise!

 Now you can have perfect sound isolation for...

  • Sleeping (Undisturbed nights with perfect isolation from snoring and other noises)
  • Travelling (On planes, trains and automobiles, enjoy silence when travelling)
  • Concerts and Clubs (Enjoy the most incredible sonic details at very safe levels)
  • Motorsports (Total protection from very loud and painful noises)
  • Motorbikes (Micro in size and hidden inside your ear, they won't interfere with your helmet)
  • Working (Protect your ears against permanent hearing damage)
  • High Impact Sounds

ISOLATE® is not like any other ear plug; it blocks all sound from entering your ears including bass frequencies for the first time ever without any batteries or annoying re-charging. ISOLATE® is micro in size and so can be used anywhere to isolate your ears from unwanted noise.

  • Revolutionary solid aluminium micro ear protectors that isolate you from noise like never before.
  • Protect your ears against permanent hearing damage - LONG LIVE EARS®.
  • ISOLATE® is not like any other ear protector; it blocks direct sound from entering your ears including bass frequencies without any batteries or annoying re-charging.
  • Revolutionary Ear Protection for Music, Travelling, Motorcycling, Motorsport.
  • ISOLATE® reduces noise levels but still allows you to hear details in sound through bone conduction.
  • Stem diameter - 4mm  |  Body diameter - 8.5mm
  • Weight - 2.17g
  • Made in England and CE certified to BS EN 352-2-2002 - SNR35
  • Comes with handy carry pouch.

Grab ISOLATE replacement tips here. Available in three sizes. For a smaller model check out the Isolate MiNi.

Isolate attenuation table

Top : Flare Isolate Aluminium
Bottom: Flare Isolate PRO Titanium

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