Launched in 1992, HEAROS offer a complete line of high quality ear plugs. They supply earplugs to professionals and consumers across a wide range of industries. Manufactured in North America, Hearos deliver optimal protection and ultimate comfort for your ears. Made from a foam called PowerSoft™, these earplugs are technologically advanced and protect you from the harshest conditions.

How are Hearos ear plugs different from other ear plugs?

Hearos High Fidelity ear plugs are specifically designed to separate damaging noise from loud music so that you can only hear every bar that the performers play. These ear plugs are almost undetectable as they are made from a translucent silicone material with a transparent stem.

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Yes, Hearos are reusable ear plugs. The multi purpose series has been made to be reused and benefit users with all the protection, comfort, performance and control of any other single use ear plugs. From a value perspective, they are washable, and with the right care, will last for a long period of time.


Just about anyone can use Hearos ear plugs as they are top quality silicone and reusable, washable, and made to last a long time. Typically, people in the following lines of work or who participate in these hobbies use Hearos ear plugs.

  • Musicians
  • People who want to sleep better
  • Travellers
  • Events industry workers
  • Students
  • Tradespeople
  • Shooters