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Cirrus EarPlanes eP2 Ear Plugs for Flying

Cirrus EarPlanes eP2 Ear Plugs for Flying


The ep2 Flying Ear Plug from Cirrus is an improved version of the popular EarPlanes ear plug design.

EarPlanes are often considered the "gold standard" when it comes to ear plugs for flying, and the ep2's mission is to improve upon that. The EarPlanes ep2 is softer, for an even more comfortable fit. A new "cap" on each plug improves the overall design by making insertion easier. And ep2 earplugs are reusable, giving them a much longer lifespan than original EarPlanes. To top it all off, the ep2 is corded, making it easier to track your ear plugs and avoid dropping them on the plane.

Aside from these new improvements, the ep2 provides the same excellent features as the original earplanes ear plugs. The same CeramX™ ceramic filter regulates air pressure inside and outside the ear canal, keeping you from getting that stopped-up, muffled feeling, and preventing your ears from painful popping during altitude changes. These also provide some noise blocking, but you can still hear clearly and hold conversations while wearing ep2's. They block just enough sound to take the edge off of engine noise and cabin chatter, so you can travel more comfortably and arrive less fatigued.

NRR 20

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