Moldable Wax Ear Plug

Mouldable wax ear plugs are the number one choice when it comes to comfort. They sit over the ear canal, rather than inside it, and will fit any size of ear as they are mouldable. Mouldable wax ear plugs are a great choice for sleeping because of how comfortable they are to wear- they don't protrude from the ear meaning you won't be in discomfort even when sleeping on your side.

In addition to sleep, they're also suitable for study, concentration, relaxation, and general hearing protection in mildly noisy environments. They're also a good choice for swimming and other water-based use, but you should generally avoid using them in hot water.

Moldable ear plugs ensure comfort and allow you to fit them on any size of ear. You can wear them whilst sleeping to offer relief from a snoring partner, studying, relaxing, and seeking concentration, and for general hearing loss prevention.

How do you use moldable ear wax plugs?

You need to wash and dry your hands before you mould and insert the wax ear plugs. Ensure you soften the wax – roll and knead it between the fingers. After shaping the wax to attain a cone shape, you now push it firmly into the ears, and not so deep inside.

How many times can you reuse wax ear plugs?

You can reuse your wax ear plugs several times. They are a good alternative to foam ear plugs because they are moldable. They form a secure seal around your ear canals and can be used by swimmers to help prevent water from entering the ears.

Can you wash moldable wax ear plugs?

Yes, you can wash your moldable soft wax ear plugs. Although you can reuse them several times without worry, it is advised that you wash them using non-chlorinated water after every use. This helps reduce chances of infecting your ears.

Can wax ear plugs cause ear infections?

Yes, wax ear plugs like other ear plugs can contribute to ear infections. However, since they are washable, if you observe strict guidelines on their use, you can be able to prevent such infections.

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