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Ohropax Classic Wax Ear Plugs

Ohropax Classic Wax and Cotton Ear Plugs


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Ohropax Classic Wax and Cotton ear plugs, imported from Germany, protect your ears from sound and irritating noises. Ideal for sleep, relaxation, well-being and meditation. Also recommended for concentrated work, DIY, loud music, and wind noise.

Ohropax Classic ear plugs have been an established noise protection product since 1907. The unique formulation -- cotton fibers soaked in a mixture of Vaseline and paraffin wax -- was so perfect right from the outset that it has remained practically unchanged up until the present day.

The ingredients are gentle to the skin and hypoallergenic. These moldable ear plugs can also be easily adjusted to fit every auditory canal and considerably reduce the effects of noise pollution. The wearing comfort is excellent as no sensation of pressure occurs in the ear. The snug material adheres well to the skin and enables secure positioning. The peach-colored ear plugs look discreet when worn.

Ohropax Classic Wax and Cotton ear plugs come 6 pairs in a reusable storage case.

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