Get 7% off all music and sleep ear plugs this April!

Get 7% off all music and sleep ear plugs this April!


Restrictions are loosening, so it’s time to get loose. Pre-drinks are sorted and then it’s off to dance the night away. Your ears are out of practice, though: a year of sitting at home has them extra sensitive. Make sure you’re protecting your hearing with a set of high fidelity musician’s ears, letting you enjoy the music without having to suffer a ringing hangover the next day. For a 7% discount on our musician’s range, enter DANCE7 at checkout. Need some ideas for protecting your ears? Start here:

  • Earjobs MusicMate Pro ($29.99): Newly upgraded for 2021, Australia’s favourite music plug gets a fresh new design with top of the line acoustic filters. Hear clearly, safely and comfortably without breaking the bank: the MusicMate Pro should be the first stop for all Aussie concert goers and clubbers.
  • Alpine MusicSafe Pro ($48.99): For musicians and professionals who want to control every aspect of their listening experience, the MusicSafe Pro comes with three adjustable sets of filters: almost like three sets of plugs in one. Comfortable, providing different levels of protection depending on your instrument, it’s the choice for professionals.
  • Earjobs MusicMate Child ($27.99): You’re never too young to start appreciating Cold Chisel and The Angels and what’s more, you’re never too young to start taking care of your ears. Whether your child’s a budding musician or just starting to attend concerts, the classic MusicMate in children’s size will protect their ears without compromising their hearing, guaranteeing live music remains safe and fun for years to come. (Note: make sure to select ‘child’ before adding to cart).


Restrictions are loosening and my upstairs neighbours are having a party. Again. You can hear every footstep, the thumping bass from their UE Boom, and — oh no — they’re cheering, the football must be on. You’ve forgotten how bad this got, the last twelve months were the best sleeps you’ve ever had. Will it ever go away? As cities re-open and the dreaded neighbour’s house party returns, guarantee a good night’s sleep with a set of comfy sleep earplugs. For a 7% discount on our sleep range, enter SLEEP7 at checkout. Not sure where to start? Consider the following:

  • Earjobs Silicone Putty ($9.95 for six pairs): One of the softest and most comfortable plugs on the market, the Earjobs Silicone Putty dampens snores and other noises while remaining flexible for even the lightest of sleepers. Made of hypoallergenic silicone, these finitely reusable plugs also work in the water or as a general use plug.
  • Alpine SleepSoft ($32.99): Optimised for side-sleepers, the Alpine SleepSoft is the comfiest reusable plug on the market. It features thermoshaping tip for comfortable and unique fits and flexible components to avoid discomfort when sleeping on your slide. Acoustic filters block noises while still letting you hear your alarm.
  • Super Soft Small Orange ($11.99): It’s all in the title: one of the strongest sound blocking foam plugs on the market is also one of the comfiest. Low density foam with a hollow core minimises pressure on the ear, creating the softest fit even when worn for long periods. Guaranteed for even loud industrial settings, the Super Soft Small Orange is a guaranteed snore stopper.

*Offer ends April 30th 2021 at 11.59pm

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