Do babies and kids really need to wear ear muffs at live sports?

Do babies and kids really need to wear ear muffs at live sports?

It’s becoming more and more common. A player scores a match winning goal or try, or hits the winning runs in a Test Match or T20. After a few replays of the moment, the camera cuts to the player’s adorning family, where bub is being held by Mum or Dad wearing none other than… ear muffs. Even ten years ago this was a rare sight indeed. But be it sports (Tom Brady with his daughter at the SuperBowl being the most famous example) or live music (JayZ, Rhianna and countless others have all been snapped) it’s more and more common to encounter. But is hearing protection really necessary for babies and kids to wear at live sports and music events?

According to a study published in the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, athletic events have an average peak noise level of approximately 118 decibels (dB). It isn’t just the cheers of the crowd you have to consider, either - the loud blast of an air horn alone can reach up to 130dB, then you have to consider the loudspeakers and music.

noise chart
These are noise-levels that can induce hearing loss in just a matter of minutesin adults! That means that to prevent hearing damage at these sorts of events everyone should really be wearing some form of hearing protection. However it is well documented that the hair cells in the inner-ear of babies and children are even more sensitive than that of adults, putting them at even greater risk of permanent hearing loss.

Hearing loss is obviously something we want to avoid, but few people are aware just how detrimental it can be to a child's development. The Department of Health and Aged-Care outlines some of the impacts of hearing loss on children. It can:

  • affect a child’s ability to listen, learn and talk
  • result in lower school attendance
  • affect a person’s ability to get an education and find work
  • affect social and emotional wellbeing, including a higher risk of low self-esteem, low confidence, memory loss and depression
  • lead to social isolation.

In short, the celebrities are onto something. Live sport and music events are LOUD, to the point that even adults should consider wearing hearing protection when attending them. For babies and children, it’s simply a must have. The alternative is the very real possibility of permanent hearing loss, and the multiple negative developmental impacts that come with that.

One other benefit of hearing protection for babies and kids at live events is that many young ones actually prefer the experience as the noise can be overwhelming for their sensitive ears. 

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