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Flents Quiet Please PVC Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 29) (50 pair bottle)

Flents Quiet Please PVC Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 29) (50 pair bottle)


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Flents Quiet! Please Ear Plugs enjoy a tremendous number of regular users.

Flents Quiet! Please Foam Ear Plugs are light beige/off white in color and made of PVC foam for a secure fit. Foam ear plugs must be rolled down between the thumb and forefinger into a tight cylinder before insertion into the ear. Any creases or imperfections in the rolled plug can reduce how much sound that plug can block. A cylindrical plug like Flent's Quiet! Please is easy to roll down, which means these ear plugs easier to insert correctly. Getting that smooth insertion and proper fit is what determines whether the ear plugs work as well as they're supposed to work. With easy fitting and high effectiveness, it's no wonder so many people love and depend on Flents Quiet! Please Ear Plugs.

Flent's Quiet! Please is ideal for sleeping, shop or yard work, biking with a helmet or wearing on the job.

Includes bottle of 50 pairs.

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