The Best White Noise Machines, Ear Plugs and Sleep Aids for Hotels and Airbnbs

The Best White Noise Machines, Ear Plugs and Sleep Aids for Hotels and Airbnbs

If you’re operating a hotel or even an Airbnb, a central challenge is ensuring the best quality night for your guest in what can be a noisy atmosphere. This is the central irony of hotels: every guest expects to be treated like royalty, but there are many, many guests. Issues like noise pollution between rooms or light flooding through the windows can cause significant sleep issues and with it, complaints.

In this guide, we’re outlining the best sleep aids suitable for hotels and airbnbs. The benefit for all of these products are scale: discounts exist for wholesale purchases — just get in touch at and we’ll assist. Remember: your guest may not remember the ambience or the size of the bed, but they will remember a quality night’s sleep.

White Noise Machines - The LectroFan Digital Fan and White Noise Machine


Not all guests sleep the same way: some need total silence, others feel more comfortable with the sound of a ceiling fan or an air conditioner (or a television or a podcast). A great way to cater for these guests is through the provision of white noise machines. Portable and powered either with a USB or through the wall — a few white noise machines behind the front desk can be easily loaned to your guests (or ideally provided in room), giving them a soothing night’s sleep without disrupting neighbours. They’re great items for discretion too: a white noise machine can prevent eavesdroppers or just cover the noise of a particularly disruptive neighbour. They’re a concierge’s best friend.

Our pick of the bunch is the Lectrofan. It's a digital white noise machine, with a multi-band parametric EQ speaker that actually /generates/ the noise. No loops or stuffy sounded MP3s. It comes with twenty different sounds (ten fan, ten white noise) and a sixty minute sleep timer to help your guests enter the land of nod. The sounds don't repeat either, ensuring a high quality aural experience all night long.

It comes in white and black, is simple to operate and maintain, and has great volume no matter how big the bedroom is. They’re not only used in a sleep context: they’re used for covering confidential conversations, to provide a soothing atmosphere for yoga or massage, as well as to cover traffic or construction noise.

Ear Plugs - Super Soft Small Orange Foam Sleeping Ear Plug

($83.99) for a 200 pair box)

Not all guests are going to use white noise for blocking out external noise: for them, the answer is ear plugs. A set of individually packaged ear plugs makes for a hygienic and useful gift with check-in, think of it like a chocolate on the pillow, and can help enable a pleasant night’s sleep for all your guests.

Our pick for hotels and Airbnbs is the Super Soft Small Orange. These are an ultra-low density plug, with a number of comfort-maximising features that make them one of the most comfortable plugs on the market. These low density plugs are made with a hollow core, minimising pressure on the sensitive ear canal without compromising sound blocking. The sealed surface maximises hygiene: nothing can be absorbed or penetrate the body of the plug due to the skin. More than anything else though, these plugs are SOFT. They’re very comfortable for even narrow ears, with a high level of blocking — rated to block out 30dB under the NRR system and appropriate even for Class 4 industrial environments!

The box comes with two hundred individually packaged pairs. They come in a simple orange colour scheme with no branding on the body of the plug. They’re available in smaller unit numbers too, here. Because of the high sound blocking, it’s not only great for guests, but for hotel employees exposed to loud noises. Valets, cleaners, handymen — these are a great one size fits most plugs with many applications.

Sleep Masks - Earjobs Contoured Sleep Mask


Not all guests are going to agree on bedtime. Some might want to use their bedside table lamp to read, or maybe they want to watch television. Worse, an early pillar of sun through the curtains can be a sleep-in ruiner. The answer to all: a good contoured sleeping mask. This new model has an upgraded design, with superior sound blocking and fit for all face and head shapes.

A contoured sleep mask works by gently conforming to the shape of the face, ensuring a consistent seal around the eyes to prevent light from getting in. The Earjobs model does so softly, with an adjustable velcro strap to allow users to determine the exact fit and pressure they feel comfortable with. In contrast to ordinary masks, which use an elasticated strap and pull sharply on the hair and scalp, this strap is customisable and more comfortable, particularly for guests with long hair.

The eye cups shape over and around the eyes. This prevents pressure on the sensitive eyelid and improves the capacity of the seal. It’s an ultra lightweight mask, almost unnoticeable when worn.

Like the ear plugs, these are individually packaged for safety and hygiene. Available in three colours — black, pink and blue — they’re a hardy and reliable mask that your guests can take home as a reminder of their pleasant stay.


Sleep aids are a low cost, high value accessory for all hotels, motels, guest houses and AirBnbs. In the case of white noise machines, these supplement meditation spaces, yoga studios, or even bedrooms, while ear plugs and masks ensure a consistent night sleep — no matter what the neighbours are up to! All of these items are available with scale discounts, for more information get in touch at:

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