The Best Ear Plugs For Divers

The Best Ear Plugs For Divers

Recreational swimmers and surfers get quite a lot of attention when it comes to the risks of ear infections. There are even infections named specifically after these activities (Swimmers Ear and Surfers Ear). But one water based activity that isn't discussed much in terms of needing ear plugs is diving, whether that be scuba-diving, free-diving or otherwise. In reality though, a good set of ear plugs that also allows you to equalize (this is essential) is perhaps even more essential for divers than swimmers or surfers. 

The reason for this is not only does it aid in keeping water out of the ear, thus minimizing the risk of ear infection and possibly hearing loss, the right set of ear plugs will also aid with the crucial process of equalization, which is essential to a safe, enjoyable diving experience. 

Of all our ear plugs designed for water activity, one brand stands apart in terms of its reputation among divers; SurfEars. The latest model, SurfEars 3.0, has in fact been worn by champion freedivers and has benefits over its competition when it comes to  hearing your surrounds (essential for both your enjoyment but also your safety). As SurfEars writes on their website:

"Protection against water intrusion is a given with SurfEars, safeguarding divers from potential ear infections. But SurfEars has another distinctive advantage. When it comes to the process of equalization, SurfEars shines. Equalization, essential for divers, is the act of balancing the pressure inside the ears as one changes depth underwater. Proper equalization is key to avoiding discomfort and potential ear injuries. While divers always need to actively equalize, SurfEars’ design makes the process more straightforward, reducing the common challenges faced with other ear plugs and facilitating a more intuitive equalizing experience.

Beyond protection and aiding equalization, the acoustic quality of SurfEars stands out. The depths of the ocean come alive with sounds, from the muffled calls of marine inhabitants to crucial communications with fellow divers. SurfEars ensures that while you’re shielded from water intrusion, these essential sounds remain vivid and clear.

Comfort, as any diver knows, is crucial. Designed for extended underwater adventures, SurfEars offers a snug, irritation-free fit."

We believe SurfEars are a must for divers, not only to prevent ear infections that arise from prolonged periods underwater but to aid in equalization. Of our various ear plugs for water-based activities, SurfEars is our choice due to their tried-and-tested reputation and the ability to hear more clearly under water than any other swimming ear plug on the market. 

surfears diver underwater

SurfEars 3.0 are available for $64.95.

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