Summer Swimming Essentials

Summer Swimming Essentials

Crack an egg on the pavement, it’s heating up. As we get deeper and deeper into Summer, those heady trips to the beach or swimming pool become more and more enticing. Today, we’re looking at a few mod cons designed to upgrade your summer swims.

Sick of waterlogged ears? Mack’s EarDryer


There’s nothing worse than the hop-on-one-leg, tilt-your-head, smack-your-ear dance after a day at the beach or in the pool. Trying to dislodge water from the ear canal is a nightmare no matter how old you are, and it’s especially hard on the kids who will scream your ear out the moment an ear infection settles in. But the ear is delicate! You don’t want to jam a finger or a towel in there for the sake of a few leftover drops of water.

The Mack’s EarDryer is an interesting solution to this summertime struggle. Inserted into the ear like a doctor’s scope, it gently fans the inner ear canal with warm, temperature controlled air to dry the canal safely and hygienically. No more dirty fingers or towels jamming into the ear! Designed with comfort in mind, ventilation channels on the ear tip works alongside the pressure-regulating motor to ensure the air flows softly into the ear, avoiding any irritation.

Coming with four colour coordinated (and washable!) earpieces, it’s possible for a whole family to use the single EarDryer in a hygienic manner. The unit folds up for compact storage and is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included).

SurfEars 3.0


But maybe you want to avoid wet ears altogether? For surfers particularly, a well fit pair of pressure relieving ear plugs are really useful to avoid the discomfort that comes from sudden changes in pressure and equilibrium when you invert in the water. (Of course, we know you’re a professional who would never get dumped from a wave!)

The SurfEars 3.0 are a fully customisable surfing ea rplug. Each ear plug comes with four different sized sealing rings and two sized wings for each side. That means you can even customise the sizing for each separate ear plug -- useful for individuals with uneven ear canals. They’re tethered together with a leash and float in water, two optimisations that’ll keep them safe no matter the conditions.

In terms of technology, they use an interesting ‘acoustic mesh’ that blocks water while filtering in sound. You’ll be able to hear your friends and remain aware of your surroundings, while also keeping out the water, cold air, dirt, bacteria and other contributors and causes of ear infections and surfer’s ear.

All New Ear-Band It Ultra


Putty Buddies Floating Silicone Swimming Ear Plugs

Whether you’re swimming laps yourself or watching the kids take their first tumble turns, a well fitted swimming headband and set of silicone ear plugs are essential. They’re going to prevent those discomforting moments where icy water enters the ear canal, while also keeping your ears clear of the kinds of bacteria that inevitably thrives in the local pool.

The Ear Band-It Ultra is the best in class for a swimmer’s headband. Made with a thicker neoprene, it’s a hardy model that’s going to last a lot longer than cheaper alternatives. The interior of the headband is lined with a textured ‘Grip-Tek’ pattern, designed to assist in staying firm on the head regardless of swim speed or intensity of swell.

Of course, what’s a swimming headband without the accessory it’s designed for? A good swimming ear plug is going to create a strong, water-tight seal and also float (the last thing you want to do on Boxing Day is go plug diving before the creepy crawly eats it). The colourful look of the Putty Buddies makes them a brilliant children’s plug, but they’re useable for all ages. In fact, the larger silicone sizing of the plug (designed to facilitate ease of application for kids ears) make them an appropriate choice no matter how large your ear canals are.

Earjobs-in-Brief (We know you’re busy!)

  • Mack’s EarDryer: Warm air dries the inner ear canal comfortably and hygienically, with four cleanable eartips for use by the whole family. $117.99.
  • SurfEars 3.0: Fully customisable surfing plug where acoustic mesh locks out water while letting sound in. $64.99.
  • Ear Band-It Ultra: High quality neoprene grips comfortably for a better fit, pair with Putty Buddies Floating Silicone Swimming Ear Plugs for a water-tight swimming experience. $36.99/$6.99.

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