NDIS Buyer’s Guide

NDIS Buyer’s Guide

Every day at Earjobs we get inquiries for plan managers or families with access to the NDIS asking for our assistance. The most common questions include:

  1. Can you provide formal invoices for plan managers or NDIS service providers? YES!
  2. Do you provide discounts for orders of 10+ units? YES!
  3. Can you provide suggestions for something appropriate for sound sensitivity, autism, or sensory processing disorders? YES!

In this guide, we’re going to run through some of the most popular products, particularly in terms of managing sound sensitivity. For plan managers especially, if you have questions don’t hesitate to get in touch at support@earjobs.com.au, we’ll be able to provide specialised guidance and advice based on the specifics of your client.

One more note before we begin. Want an invoice? When you email us, make sure to include:

The client’s name, NDIS number, and shipping address.

The specific product they want, including size/colour. (If you don’t know and need advice, just ask!)

Whether they want regular shipping ($7.00) or Express Post ($10). Remember, shipping is free Australia wide for orders over $65.

Managing Sound Sensitivity in Children

Alpine Pluggies Kids Ear Plugs $32.99

For children with sound sensitivity, going to class, playing in the playground, or even just accompanying their parents to the shops can be a struggle. Alpine have produced a great, multi-purpose plug suitable for kids between three and twelve years old. You can use it in the pool, for music lessons, but most importantly: in the classroom. It dampens noise, with filters that still allow your child to remain present in class — just at a lower volume.

The subtle design makes them more inconspicuous when worn, particularly when compared to ear muffs or traditional foam plugs. Waterproof, they’re great for swimming lessons and can keep water out of the ears (particularly when paired with a swimming headband).

Tinnitus, Sound Sensitivity and Misophonia in Adults

Flare Calmer $35.99

Flare Calmer Night $42.99

Introduced in 2020, the Flare Calmer is a unique hearing accessory: a hollow piece of silicone that softens the entrance of sound waves into the ear. Unlike a pair of ear plugs, the Flare Calmer blocks NO sound — so what’s all the fuss about? Well, Flare were surprised to hear that many lifelong sufferers of tinnitus, sound sensitivity, and misophonia all experienced improvement in their conditions with a set of the Calmer.

To understand why, we have to understand how sound enters the ear. Flare’s Calmer provides a smooth medium for sound to enter the ear, avoiding the distortion that accompanies regular noise. Think of it like soft padding, cushioning the entrance of sound into the ear.

It’s important to note that the Calmer’s mileage will vary depending on the wearer’s condition. Not everyone experiences the full benefit, but Flare offers a 100 day return guarantee to compensate for this fact.

Every Day Sound Dampening

Earjobs MusicMate Pro $29.99

Some clients, however, just want a traditional medium strength ear plug to dampen the outside world and make it easier for them to get on a noisy train or jostle through a crowded shopping centre. The Earjobs MusicMate Pro is a medium strength musician’s plug with high fidelity filters. Blocking about 23 decibels when properly worn, the filters allow you to remain aware of your surroundings — just at a lower volume.

With a narrower tip and flared base when compared to the original MusicMate, the fit is more ergonomic for a wider range of ear types, with a comfortable fit that remains soft even when worn for longer periods of time. Cleanable with a damp towel and coming with a keyring-attachable hard carry case, it’s a workhouse ear plug that operates in a variety of context: great for misophonia, hyperacusis, sound sensitivity.

Significant Sound Sensitivity - Children and Adults

The next step up from ear plugs in terms of sound dampening, particularly for clients with significant sound sensitivity would be ear muffs. There are a variety of options available, some targeting children and some for adults.

Children: Alpine Muffy Kids Ear Muffs


Targeting children between five and sixteen years old, the Muffy is a stylish set of hearing protection in a variety of colours that works to comfortably dampen a lot of sound. They’re expected to block about 25 dB when properly worn, which is suitable particularly for the sound sensitive — blocking out disruptive noises and triggers so you can get about your day.

Made from a hypoallergenic, skin-friendly material, it’s great particularly for sensitive ears. Smooth surfaces make this a wipe clean unit, with no sharp or jagged edges to look out for. The headband is adjustable, allowing you to find a flexible fit for your ears. It also comes with a carry case, which is great for portability and for keeping your set safe between wears.

One thing to note with the sizing, while the Muffy is rated to work for children up to sixteen years of age, for kids who have had their growth spurt it might be worth trying an adult set. This ensures longevity of fit into adulthood.

Adults: Peltor X5A Premium Headband Earmuff


For adults, the next step up in ear muff hearing protection is to get a subtle black set with high sound dampening. For the most sound sensitive individuals, a Class 5 earmuff — appropriate even for industrial worksites! — will do the best job of dampening sound and giving some relief, particularly during episodes of sound sensitivity, misophonia or hyperacusis.

The X5A is one of the strongest ear muffs we stock. When properly worn, it’s going to dampen 35dB of sound, which would make it suitable even if you were at a rifle range! The all-black body is subtle, with tilted ear cups allowing for comfort when worn even over long periods of time. The lightweight foam used in the cups allows for a high level of sound blocking, without compromising on weight. The X5A is a lightweight set that’s going to minimise pressure on the head and ears.

For situations where only the highest level of sound blocking will be appropriate, the X5A is the most suitable solution. For alternative adult ear muff sets, get in touch at support@earjobs.com.au.

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