How to Stop Your Child Getting Ear Infections

How to Stop Your Child Getting Ear Infections

Kids love swimming. And although it’s amazing to get them into the water, getting some exercise and learning a lifelong skill, children are more susceptible than adults to risk of ear infections.

When swimming, your child is exposed to bacteria that may get trapped in their ears. If this isn’t removed quickly enough, or your child is particularly prone to ear issues, they may develop an infection. This can cause a lot of pain for your little one and a lot of hassle for you.

Swimmer’s Ear is Common

Swimmer's ear is an infection of the outer ear canal. Around 1 in every 250 people are affected by it, and around half that number also have grommets.

Grommets allow air into the middle ear, making it harder for fluid to build up and cause problems. The tubes are only small and people with grommets are strongly advised not to submerge their head in water without using both a pair of swimming ear plugs and an a swimming band.

Children’s Ear Plugs

Many adults wear ear plugs on a daily basis but what many don’t know is we have created smaller ear plugs specifically for children, too.

These comfy, mouldable plugs will fit securely into your child’s ears to keep water out. They block out discomfort, infection and stop your child from having to hop on one leg to remove water from their ears!

These also work well with grommets to allow children with these fitted to enjoy the water too. The plugs come in a range of colours to keep them fun for your child to wear, and are reusable.

Swimming Bands

Children’s swimming bands are here to lock in your perfect ear protection combo. These funky, soft headbands were originally designed to allow children with grommets to swim, but are now used across the diving board to keep ears happy and healthy.

The bands ensure ear plugs don’t fall out and keep ears dry. Swimming bands add another layer of vital protection to your child’s ears to avoid infection and water entering ear tubes.

Mix the two together and…

You have the perfect protection for your child! Using ear plugs will stop any unruly water from entering the ear and a swimming band will provide the reassurance that this water won’t get past in the first place, and ear plugs won’t fall out. Try it today!

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