Five Essential Accessories For When You Represent Australia in the Modern Pentathlon

Five Essential Accessories For When You Represent Australia in the Modern Pentathlon

Woah, shouldn’t you be in Tokyo already? If Qantas misplaced your luggage and you’re about to enter the first heats in the Modern Pentathlon, Earjobs has you covered. In this guide, we’re going to outline the most important accessories for when you’re shooting pistols, running cross country, fencing, swimming, and show jumping.

For the swimming leg: Alpine Premium SwimSafe Earplugs


A must for any competitive swimmer, a good set of swimmer’s ear plugs work to keep water out of the ear, equalise your ears during tumble turns, and help keep you focussed in a loud arena environment.

Alpine’s swimmer’s plugs are highly regarded for the security of their fit, as well as the precision engineering of their filters. Using Alpine’s thermo-shape material in the tips, the SwimSafe are hypoallergenic, use no silicone, and adjust flexibly to the contours of the ear, creating a comfortable fit for all ear types.

If you’re just using a standard silicone plug, there’s always a trade off between blocking water from the ear and remaining aware of your surroundings. Not so with the Alpine, as acoustic filters allow you to hear your surroundings (and your coach screaming at you to kick faster!) effectively when compared to standard plugs.

They can be held in place with a swimmer’s headband, we recommend the Ear Band-It Ultra.

For the shooting leg: SureFire EP4 Plus


A good set of shooting ear plugs work to protect your ears from harmful noise, while still allowing you the functionality to remain aware and safe, or to stalk your hunt.

The EP4 provides the greatest balance of functionality and protection, coming with a ‘closed’ and ‘open’ mode that allow you to adjust the level of noise protection without removing the plugs. While ‘open’, they block about 9dB — a very low amount of protection perfect for hearing range commands, talking to your friends, or experiencing the swell of the audience while they cheer you on to gold. Plug the stoppers into ‘closed’ mode and that jumps up to 24dB, a standard shooter’s plug limit, great for bringing loud fire into safe parameters.

They are made from a durable yet soft polymer, with a triple-flange design to fit comfortably and securely on all ear types. A narrow body means they can be worn beneath a helmet or muffs without irritation. They’re a fairly inconspicuous set of plugs too, perfect for wear beneath a face mask in the cooler months.

For the running leg: Earjobs MusicMate Pro


While we all have our carefully curated running playlists, if you find yourself using music to block out the noise of traffic, construction — or the roar of the crowd at Tokyo — it’s likely you’re causing yourself irreversible hearing damage. Indeed, as many as 1 in 6 Australians suffer hearing loss, much of it preventable.

As such, there’s been a growing movement to use alternative methods of remaining ‘in focus’ while running, including the use of a musician’s ear plug to dampen distracting noise. Musician’s plugs are optimised for long, sweaty nights on the dance floor. They won’t slip out of the ear or need adjustments while moving, they grip comfortably whether you’re running cross country or having a boogie.

The MusicMate Pro is a super comfy solution if you’re looking for a medium strength ear plug to run with. It blocks a medium amount of sound — about 24dB — so will dampen that noisy traffic without compromising your awareness. Acoustic filters let you hear conversation and other noise, just at a lower volume.

They’re comfortable, with a narrow tip and flared base to fit the widest variety of ear shapes. Washable with a damp cloth, they can be used for concerts, rehearsals, running, and even as a study or WFH plug. An aluminium carry case attaches to your keychain, keeping them safe and accessible wherever you are.

For the Show Jumping: Plughz Horse Ear Plugs

$34.99 for two pairs.

We wouldn’t recommend wearing these yourself, but if your equine companion is getting a bit of stage fright before the big day, a good set of horse ear plugs can help minimise external distraction and keep them focussed on winning gold.

Available in horse and pony sizes, the hose plugs are spherical and made of a soft and flexible foam material that compresses comfortably into your horse’s ears. The foam is dense, blocks a huge amount of sound, and is perfect for maintaining focus while show jumping or participating in any equestrian events.

They’re additionally recommended for ride-and-shoot activities as a way of protecting your horse’s ears.

Available in a stylish black colour, they accessorise nicely with laurels, medals, and a green and gold saddle.

For the fencing: The Dozy 3D Sleep Mask


In the 1977 film Star Wars, Luke Skywalker masters the lightsaber through training — his eyes covered — with a laser shooting robot. By obscuring his vision, he was able to sharpen his senses and his abilities with the force, making him the master Jedi that would go on to defeat Darth Vader.

If you’re fencing, it’s unlikely you’re going to master the force the way Luke does, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good night’s sleep the night before your first heat. The Dozy 3D Sleep Mask is a light blocking, soft and adjustable sleep companion that can help you sleep soundly — no matter what kind of noise your roommates are making next door. A velcro adjustable strap lets you create a comfortable and secure fit regardless of head size, and the eye cups are fully adjustable -- you can remove them and replace them to ensure the right fit for your face and nose. Padding around the eye cups allows you to open your eyes easily when worn, minimising pressure on the face and nose, while also providing extra cushioning over the eyes -- almost a pillow for your face.

Coming with a trial set of the Earjobs Comfy Wax, this sleep combo is perfect for sleeping on the go.

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