The Best Eora / Sydney Electronic Music Clubs

The Best Eora / Sydney Electronic Music Clubs

It’s fair to say that in recent times Sydney hasn't had the best reputation for nightlife, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t amazing venues to check out. 

Being such a big city, there’s plenty of appetite for lots of different electronic club music styles from house, techno, garage, drum and bass, or disco. Ready for a big night out? Here is a selection of clubs that play electronic music in Sydney

Club 77

The Sydney club institution has been serving dancers for more than 25 years, no mean feat in a city which has made it tricky for these kinds of venues to keep running. Located underground on William Street, Club 77 rotates between DJs playing house, techno and disco, running events from Thursday through to Sunday.

Unsurprisingly there are queues on Friday and Saturday, but with one of the best sound systems and energy in the city – it’s hard to not want to return for more.

The Abercrombie

One of the newest venues in Sydney has already been attracting queues that snake around the block on the weekend. A pub during the day, the labyrinth-like venue features a cranking sound system on the ground floor, and is home to a revolving range of events that centre around house and techno music. There’s also a smaller club space upstairs, as well as several smoking areas and a rooftop bar to chill out at.


Sydney’s newest nightclub can be found in the city’s queer centre, Oxford Street. Describing itself as a “cabaret inspired sleazy 70’s discothèque”, Carousel boasts an impressive Funktion 1 sound system and looks to be focused on house and techno events.

Civic Underground

While it might not look like it from the outside, Civic Underground is one of the city’s best sounding clubs. The venue is home to a variety of events across the entire spectrum of electronic music, although events happening there can be a touch sporadic. Best to check their Instagram for what’s on this weekend.

Tokyo Sing Song

Located in the city’s de facto party capital, Newtown, Tokyo Sing Song is a club space beneath one of the area’s busiest pubs, The Marly. An intimate space that hosts a variety of electronic music styles, events here are also occasional – their website has a guide on what’s happening.

The Ivy

You might know the swimming pool there, but The Ivy is a mammoth venue that is home to equally massive parties. On Saturdays, it’s home to house music night Above, while Lost Sundays continues the party with a top selection of international and local DJs.

Home The Venue

Perhaps the city’s only mega-club, Home The Venue is a high energy experience that features multiple dance floors. The music policy is fairly broad, but events here usually centre on EDM, techno, house and disco.

Liberty Hall

The live music venue has been the site for many club events over the past few years, and is the new home of Sydney’s all-day party Summer Dance.

Hotel Harry

A sprawling pub in the city centre, Harry’s is home to regular DJ’s on the weekend playing largely house music. You’ll find most of the action upstairs, where you can eat, drink and dance.

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