Best gifts for when you’re dating a FIFO worker (Fly In, Fly Out)

Best gifts for when you’re dating a FIFO worker (Fly In, Fly Out)

Whether you work FIFO (Fly In, Fly Out) or are dating a FIFO worker, it’s no understatement to say that shift work can be lonely and difficult. Your experience will always vary based on your roster, some are tougher than others, but you have to really be careful to take care of yourself, particularly if you’re working a 9/5 or 2 weeks on 1 week off. In this guide, we’re going to run through some thoughtful gifts for the FIFO worker in your life (or for yourself!). Covering sleep, leisure, and just managing health and comfort, they’re guaranteed to be the new secret weapons the next time your loved one is packing. 

The Dozy 3D Sleep Mask


Whether you’re FIFO or DIDO, shift work remains a feature of the mining and resources industries. You have to be flexible and alert, and that means getting high quality sleep whenever the opportunity presents. If you’re a light sleeper or easily disrupted, one of the best solutions is a 3D Sleep Mask. The Dozy works by comfortably shaping to the face, sealing out all external light with a flexible, comfortable eye cup that feels like a pillow for your eyes. 

In contrast to ordinary sleep masks, the Dozy is fully adjustable. A velcro strap allows you to properly size the set for the shape of your face, meaning none of the pull or tug you get with a regular elastic seal. The eye cups are adjustable — you can remove and re-stick them along the body of the mask — allowing you to create a unique model of your face. It’s one of the only sleep masks to be truly custom. 

The Dozy comes with a soft carry case, great for throwing in your duffel before taking off for your next roster. It’s light and comfy: great for sleeping day or night.

Earjobs™ Pressure Reducing Flying Ear Plugs 2.0


So as we all know, FIFO stands for FLY in FLY out. While a lot of attention is placed on the hard yakka work taking place once they land, there’s still that difficult (sometimes very bumpy!) flight to get through. If your loved one is someone who struggles with ear aches or head aches when they fly, a set of good Flying Ear Plugs can work to equalise and release pressure, making the flight substantially more comfortable. 

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel with these. A reliable, simple flying plug is going to prevent the build-up of pressure in the sensitive ear, particularly during take off and landing. If you’ve ever had that clogged up feeling, or the painful pops, these will sort you out. 

The plugs are made of hypoallergenic silicone, with a rubber grommet designed to valve air. By letting a small amount of air into the ear, the inner ear can slowly and comfortably acclimatize. In contrast to more expensive brands which can only be used once, the Earjobs brand is reusable (just give it a rinse in warm soapy water and let it air dry).

Earjobs™ Pressure Reducing Flying Ear Plugs 2.0 (2 Pairs + 2 Cases)

Macks Waxaway Earwax Wax Removal System


Who says love isn’t understanding? (Even when it gets messy!) If you’ve dated a FIFO worker, you know they’re spending a lot of their time on site stuffed up with ear plugs and other hearing protection. For some wearers, long term use of ear plugs can result in an increase in ear wax. The problem is easily solved with the Waxaway Earwax Removal System. 

Including everything you need to syringe your ears clean, including softening drops and a rubber bulb syringe, it’s a great way to keep your ears clean and secure at the end of a long shift. As an alternative, we also stock the Drop In Surf ‘Ear Cleanser’($14.99). These are a simple preventative, drops designed to improve the flow of wax through the canal, keeping things clean and clear so your loved one can get on with the job. 

wax away

ISOtunes Pro Aware Bluetooth Ear Plugs


One underrated part of FIFO work is the boredom: how do you spend your free time? One solution is exercise, and there’s nothing better for running or the gym than a good set of hard wearing bluetooth earphones, guaranteed to survive even the sweatiest sets. The ISOtunes Pro Aware is a really strong set of bluetooth earphones, with great audio quality and an awareness function designed to let you hear what’s happening around you.

First, the simple stuff: they’re IP67 rated for dust, water, and sweat proof protection. They’re not a fragile set you have to be careful with, making the Pro Aware an excellent choice for exercise or professional environments. With Bluetooth 5.0, they’re designed to connect to the newest phones and audio devices. The tips are designed with sound blocking foam and silicone: they’ll block up to 26dB when properly fitted. With aptX™ high-fidelity sound, these are going to sound great whether you’re a podcast fiend or a pub rock tragic. 

The most unique part of the Pro Aware is their ‘sensory awareness’ function. Small microphones on the exterior of the ear phones can listen and pass through surroundings sounds for you. Great for holding conversation without removing your plugs, or just remaining aware of what’s happening around you. Not just for FIFO, they’re great for work around the house, power tools, gardening, or just getting some peace when the kids are battering the trampoline. 


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