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Alpine MotoSafe Earplugs

Alpine MotoSafe Earplugs



Alpine MotoSafe Earplugs
 are the top-selling motorcycle ear plug all across the European Union, and now these world-class high-tech ear plugs are available through Earjobs.

Alpine MotoSafe Earplugs are one of the only hearing protection options designed specifically for motorcycle riders to protect against the damaging effects of dangerously loud wind noise.

MotoSafe works by reducing volume evenly across all audible frequencies. This means that you can clearly hear your radio, radar detector, voices, and traffic without distortion, but at a reduced, comfortable volume. This "natural sound" quality makes MotoSafe plugs excellent for music applications, in addition to driving applications.

MotoSafe features all the following:

  • Dual Flange Silicone Rubber Design for comfort and a great acoustic seal that fits most adults.
  • Low-profile Stem Design for a less noticeable appearance and for generous clearance under a motorcycle helmet.
  • Two Pairs of Interchangeable acoustic filters that let you choose the level of attenuation you need in specific situations. Lower attenuation for city driving and higher attenuation to fight the wind noise on the highway.
  • Natural Sound Technology to clearly hear your your radio, radar detector, voices, and traffic, but at a comfortable, safe volume.
      Average Attenuation Values
      Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
    Green Filter (blocks less sound) dB 14.8 15.0 15.7 18.7 26.6 24.4 18.9
    Yellow Filter (blocks more sound) dB 18.8 15.6 16.0 18.5 27.7 28.9 22.0
    Note: On the dB (decibel) scale, which is a non-linear scale, a 10 dB reduction in volume is perceived as half as loud, so the difference in loudness between the two filters will be perceived as a 25-40% difference in loudness, depending on the particular frequencies (Hz) present in the sound being heard.



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