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Walker's Ultimate Power Muff Quads Electronic Shooters Ear Muffs (NRR 26)

Walker's Ultimate Power Muff Quads Electronic Shooters Ear Muffs (NRR 26)


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Ultimate Power Muff Quads: Extraordinary Hearing Protection + Enhancement

Walkers Ultimate Power Muff Quads Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs are truly extraordinary. Walkers Ultimate Power Muff Quads include a high 26 NRR, an advanced sound compression amplifier that raises the volume of low sounds up to 9 times normal while it simultaneously limits the volume of dangerously loud sounds, and 4-speaker surround sound for optimal situational awareness. As a result, you hear everything around you, clearly, comfortably and safely.

Walkers Ultimate Power Muff Quads include Adjustable Frequency Tuning (AFT.) With AFT, you can quickly adjust each ear independently to balance bass/treble to suit the game you are pursuing, or your personal need for differential frequency enhancement.

Walkers Ultimate Power Muff Quads let you know the precise direction from which sound is coming, without the need to move. With ordinary two microphone electronic ear muffs, you can tell if the source is right or left of your position, but you must turn your head to determine if it is coming from the front or behind you. With Walkers Ultimate Power Muff Quads 4-speaker surround system, each directional mic feeds data into the amplifier, letting you know precisely from where sound is originating, without the need to move, which all too often can spook the game you are stalking.

Walkers Ultimate Power Muff Quads also feature independent circuitry, microphones, speakers and controls in each ear cup. That means you can set the volume and frequency response in each ear to suit your needs for amplification independently. The four low noise, frequency tuned, wind-resistant microphones provide natural sound clarity, and better hearing by far, than you have with the open ear.

Walkers Ultimate Power Muff Quads Electronic Shooters Ear Muffs Features and Benefits:
  • Excellent environmental noise protection (NRR of 27), enhanced by the sound dampening composite housing.
  • Maximum amplification of 50 dB (up to 9 times normal!)
  • Sound activated compression so you hear the entire soundscape, both amplified low sounds plus limited loud sounds for maximum situational awareness, no matter what is happening around you.
  • Very fast response time of .02 seconds. When a loud sound strikes the muffs, the compression amplifier instantly responds to prevent dangerously loud sounds from entering your ears.
  • Light-weight, ergonomic, adjustable padded headband and ear cups, designed for maximum comfort
  • Headset folds neatly for easy storage and carry.
  • Independent user-adjustable volume control on each ear cup
  • Independent user-adjustable frequency tuning controls on each ear cup
  • Two, directional, wind-resistant microphones on each ear cup (a total of 4 mics) so you can tell from which direction sound is coming without the need to move!
  • Uses two standard aaa batteries (included)
  • 90 day warranty. Extended support plan also available. See owner's manual for details. 

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