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Sensear SmartMuff SM1P Communications Headset (NRR 27)

Sensear SmartMuff SM1P Communications Headset (NRR 27)


Sensear SM1P Communications Headsets
Includes SM1PB001, SM1PE001, and SM1PH001

This Product is OSHA CompliantSensear SmartMuff SM1P Communications Headsets let you communicate face to face in high noise environments up to 95 db without the need to remove the muffs. If you already have two way radios, you can plug your Sensear SM1P into the radios (accessory cable is required and sold separately) and communicate hands-free via the external radio, giving you a maximum range that is only limited by your radios. Sensear SM1P headsets offer a higher NRR 27 and a built in two way FM radio that is programmable, letting you choose the frequencies you need, within 88.1-107.9 Mhz FM. In addition, SM1P headsets offer three different Bluetooth connectivity standards including A2DP for streaming music from your smart phone.

Sensear SmartMuff SM1P Communications Headset Features and Benefits:
  • SENS™ Speech Enhancement with Noise Suppression system for face to face communications in up to 95 dB environments so hearing protection need not be removed to communicate.
  • Input Jack for 2-way radio connectivity compatible with most all 2-way radios. (Requires separate purchase of a compatible connecting cable. 
  • Noise canceling boom mic included. Supports 2-way communications in noise environments up to 112 dB. VOX (Voice-activated transmit capable.
  • Built-in short range two way radio with programmability for 8 channel presets, lets you communicate on your preferred channels up to 50 yards.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for use with smart phones, including streaming audio via A2DP.
  • Automatic volume at the ear limited to a completely safe OSHA compliant level of 82 dB.
  • Sturdy and light weight, fully adjustable, ergonomic design for maximum all-day comfort and long life in challenging environments.
  • Protects against all kinds of noise including impact noise such as gunfire, and industrial presses, as well as intermittent and continuous noises.
  • Noise reduction rated for ambient noise environments up to 112 dB (NRR 27).
  • 360 degree situational awareness supported through directional sound sensing capability.
  • Powered by Lithium Polymer Batteries, with 24 hour life, and 7 hour recharge cycle.
  • Available in headband, neckband, and hardhat styles.
  • Headset is fully programmable via Sensear Android Tablet (sold separately) or via controls on the headset.
  • Full year manufacturer warranty

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