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Macks Flightguard for Kids Airplane Pressure Relief Ear Plugs

Macks Flightguard for Kids Airplane Pressure Relief Ear Plugs (NRR 22) (6 Pairs w/ Carry Case)

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Mack's Flightguard for Kids Airplane Pressure Relief Ear Plugs Features:
  • Relieves ear pressure discomfort while flying
  • Soft putty molds easily to little ears for comfortable use
  • Proven performance - laboratory and flight tested
  • Reduces noise for less stressful flying
  • Also great for swimming and water use
  • Comes with 2 fun tattoos
  • NRR 22 protection from noise
These soft putty ear plugs are designed to help regulate ear canal air pressure for kids during flight. Air pressure changes can wreak havoc on the ear canals, creating a stuffed-up feeling and causing discomfort (or even pain). Just put these ear plugs in your little one's ears before the plane takes off, and he or she can enjoy a more comfortable flight to your destination. The ear plugs also block noise (NRR 22) to take the edge off the loud engine noise that can be irritating or disturbing, especially for small children.

Mack's Flightguard for Kids is a moldable silicone putty ear plug. That means that the soft putty will mold to any ear, providing a great one-size-fits-all seal against noise and pressure for kids. Using and removing the ear plugs is quick and easy, and they can be stored in the included carry case between uses.

Recommended for kids 6 years old and under. With six pairs included, one package of Mack's Flightguard for Kids ear plugs can serve several children.

Also great for swimming! The same seal that keeps air pressure regulated will also keep water out of those little ears, making Flightguard for Kids a great all-around choice for your family vacation destination. (The plugs also work great for sleeping, blocking out snoring and hotel noises with a fit comfortable enough to lie on.)

Comes with 2 fun temporary tattoos!

Includes six pairs with free carry case.

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