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Howard Leight AquaSeal Swimming Ear Plugs (2 Pairs)

Howard Leight AquaSeal Swimming Ear Plugs (2 Pairs)


AquaSeal® Reusable Swimming Ear Plugs help prevent swimmers ear by keeping the ear canals dry during swimming, showering, and bathing.

With a comfortable triple flange design and soft material construction, these ear plugs provide an excellent seal to keep water out and keep your ears dry. Each ear plug has a stiffer central stem -- think of it as a handle -- for quick insertion and very easy removal.

With two pairs of plugs and the convenient FREE carry case included, AqualSeal® ear plugs are easy to keep with you at the pool or beach, and equally easy to store and keep clean in between uses. Too, these reusable ear plugs feature Howard Leight's dependable construction: one pair can last through weeks or even months of use before needing to be replaced, requiring only the occasional gentle hand wash in warm, soapy water to keep the plugs clean and soft enough to conform to your ears.

Note that AqualSeal® ear plugs also provide NRR 24 protection from noise. That makes these ear plugs useful for blocking low to medium noises -- great for study or relaxing by the pool.

With their NRR 24 noise protection, AquaSeal® ear plugs are best used for swimming, showering, bathing, and light water sports. Not intended for diving. Note: These ear plugs do block a moderate amount of noise, so be sure to choose these ear plugs only for situations in which you are swimming or bathing safely, as they can slightly muffle voices or other safety sounds.

Includes 2 pairs plus FREE carry case.

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