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Hearos SoftStar Next Gen Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 30) (Box of 200 pairs)

Hearos SoftStar Next Gen Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 30) (Box of 200 pairs)


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Hearos SoftStar NexGen Series Foam Earplug Features:
  • Cylindrical design with silky smooth foam
  • Super easy roll-down for effective insertion
  • Ez Grip™ design for assured removal
  • Bright orange color to assist with compliance
  • NRR 30 protection, suitable for industrial settings
  • Includes box of 200 pairs
Hearos SoftStar NexGen Series Ear Plug Details

These ear plugs are unusual. They're a classic cylindrical (barrel) shape, but they're made of PVC-free foam with a smooth, silky skin. Almost all cylindrical foam ear plugs are made of stiffer, more porous PVC foam. The Hearos SoftStar NexGen Series breaks that mold.

Hearos calls SoftStar NexGen "an exciting quantum leap forward in comfort, fit and protection" for this style of foam ear plug (as opposed to the bell-shaped style, the other popular design for foam ear plugs). If ear plugs tend to make your ears itch, or if you struggle with rolling down ear plugs for proper insertion, these may indeed be the solution you've been searching for. An EZ Grip™ Design -- which is basically a tiny ring or lip at the outside end of the ear plug -- also makes these especially easy to remove. The bright orange color assists with compliance.

In fact, if you're struggling with workplace compliance, your employees may appreciate Hearos SoftStar ear plugs because 1) they are easy to roll down, 2) they are easy to remove, and 3) their smooth skin is less irritating to sensitive ear canals. And each ear plug has a star on the end, which indicates how to wear the earplug, and also looks pretty cool. That can't hurt.

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