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Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs

Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs


NOTE: This product has been discontinued. Regular size are no longer available. Don't worry, a suitable replacement can be found here.

Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs are made specifically to improve your comfort while flying by controlling the pressure changes that occur during takeoff and landing.

Flite Mate ear plugs have a small vent in the ear plug design that allows the higher pressure inside the ear to release gradually over time. This gives the inner ear more time to adjust to the pressure change which means a reduction of the ear pain passengers often experience.

Flite Mate ear plugs also reduce a lot of the loud sounds that occur on plane trips. The 22 NRR reduces the noise volume by over 75% but you can still carry out a conversation with these plugs in. They are also appropriate for music events and other such uses between flights.

Flite Mate ear plugs are completely washable and reusable.

Available in average size, and a small size for children (about 4 years of age and up) and adults with smaller ear canals. Each pair comes with a case.

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