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3M Combat Arms Gen. 4 Tactical Military Shooter's Ear Plugs

3M Combat Arms Gen. 4 Tactical Military Shooter's Ear Plugs


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Combat Arms Generation 4 Tactical Military Shooter's Ear Plugs offer a revolutionary step forward in shooter's hearing protection products. Combat Arms Gen 4 ear plugs build on the immensely successful Combat Arms Double End Shooter's ear plugs which have set the standard for military shooter's ear plugs for a decade. The double end Combat Arms ear plugs let you choose constant attenuation for indoor range shooting by choosing one end of the ear plugs or use the other end of the plugs to get variable noise reduction for tactical ops, hunting applications, outdoor range work and other situations where situational awareness is important.

Combat Arms Gen 4 shooter's ear plugs combine the benefits of dual, user selectable protection into a single end, low profile ear plug that lets you switch easily from constant NRR 23 protection to NRR 7 variable noise protection for situational awareness plus instantaneous protection from dangerous noise, without the need to remove the ear plugs from the ear. The ear plug is equipped with a toggle valve that is easily operated by touch while in the ear. No need to remove, reverse and reinsert these ear plugs to switch from solid to variable noise protection as you must with the double end Combat Arms ear plugs. Now you can simply touch the toggle valve to close it for solid NRR 23 protection or touch on the edge to open the toggle valve, letting you enjoy NRR 7 variable noise protection. With the valve open, the built in acoustic filter lets you hear virtually everything around you for excellent situational awareness, then, when a loud noise strikes the acoustic filter, the plugs instantly and automatically increase in acoustic resistance, providing you with the protection you need against dangerously loud sounds including impulse noise from small arms fire, arc flash from a welding rig, jackhammers on a construction site, or even the noise of a table saw or nail gun. As you can see, Combat Arms Gen 4 ear plugs, made specifically to meet the demanding challenges faced by military operatives, also have a very broad range of applications across the civilian, police, and military operations spectrum.

To get all these benefits into one little ear plug has been a daunting challenge. We carry a number of products that come close, but Combat Arms Gen 4 is by far the most advanced passive hearing protection device currently available, and at a surprisingly affordable price. The Marine Corps recently announced a procurement bid for 50,150 pairs of the Combat Arms Gen 4, which is where we discovered the existence of this extraordinary product. Hopefully, once 3M has filled all the military orders they will release them to non military customers. We have them now, but if you want yours, we recommend you order asap. No telling how long they will let us continue to offer them.

Each pair comes in a paper pillow pack with neck cord and instructions.

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