Christmas is a time for family to express their love and affection, but it’s also a competition that you intend to win. In this guide, we’re going to run through four great centrepiece gifts that can take your family’s Christmas to the next level.

For the bubs: Marpac Hushh



White noise simulates the hushing sounds that lull babies to sleep, allowing them (and you) to rest for longer. The Hushh is an ultra portable white noise solution targeted at babies specifically: it’s got a built-in night light, a child lock, and a clip to attach to a stroller or crib. It’s a tiny unit, only about four inches across, so can portably fit in even the smallest of bags. It’s rechargeable via USB and generally good for about a day’s worth of hush in a single charge. It’s programmed with three separate noise sounds, including gentle surf, and is simply operated by a series of switches on the side. The entire unit is composed of the speaker system, so you’re getting quite a powerful volume in a small package.

For the teen: Loop High Fidelity Music Ear plug



Historically, Music Ear Plugs have been designed with invisibility in mind. People seemed ashamed to acknowledge they were protecting their ears. But now, as rave and music culture has become more aware of the dangers of permanent hearing damage, designers have responded with a new generation of high fidelity music ear plugs that double as statement pieces. The Loop is a particularly striking example, they come in five separate colour styles built around the titular loop design that filters music clearly into the ear, while also blocking out noise. There’s no other way to say it: the Loop looks good. They’re comfortable for long term wear and double as a multi-use ear plug that thrives whether you’re WFH or riding a bike.

For her: LectroFan Digital Fan and White Noise Machine


lectrofan white

The LectroFan is a gold standard among digital white noise machines: all of the sounds are produced live by the unit, it’s not playing a cheap loop or distorting at high volumes. Despite its size (only 10cm by 5cm), it’s a powerful unit able to fill even the largest of rooms -- it’s great for the bedroom, for meditation spaces, or even for covering external noises in a work-from-home space. It’s easy to operate: two switches cycle through fan and white noises, another button adjusts volume. A sleep timer is included, allowing you to set it to switch off after sixty minutes -- great for getting to sleep without running all night long. The unit comes in either White or Black, so you can ensure it fits in your bedroom.

For him: Earjobs Wingmate 2.0 Electronic Shooting Earmuffs



The only good thing to come out of 2020, the new Wingmate 2.0 has a superior form factor, comfortable earcups, and mechanical optimisations to keep your ears safe on the shooting range. Like more expensive competitors, the Wingmate 2.0’s electronic capabilities include 4x sound amplification for noises below 82 dB, allowing you to hear conversation and footsteps while you’re working. The compression activates for anything above 85dB, crushing the sound to protect your ears while firing. When powered down, they’re an NRR 22 earmuff, providing a solid level of protection. They fold up to be very compact and portable with easy battery installation and a single dial controlling power and volume. Telescoping wings make for an easy fit for all head sizes.

Earjobs In-Brief (We know you’re busy)

For the bubs: Marpac Hushh Baby’s bedtime best friend, this portable white noise machine soothes your baby to sleep wherever you are. USB-rechargeable with an included night light and child lock, it’s ultra portable at only four inches wide. $79.95

For the teen: Loop High Fidelity Music Ear Plugs Stylish design and five different colours make this music ear plug a statement piece. Protects your ears while a unique circular filter passes clear sounding music to your ears. Part of the trend towards cooler hearing protection, appropriate for catwalk and the club. $49.95

For her: LectroFan Digital Fan and White Noise Machine Twenty different digitally produced fan and white noise sounds, no loops or repetitions. High quality speaker avoids clipping or distortions at higher volumes. Lull yourself to sleep restfully and covers up all snores. $89.99

For him: Earjobs Wingmate 2.0 Electronic Shooting Earmuffs Upgraded model with a fresh design. Soft and comfy cups protect your hearing with selective amplification to hear conversation and compression to block out gunfire or machinery. $69.99

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